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Cremation Options

Columbariums are above ground structures made of granite that allow for a family to memorialize their loved ones in a private way, by placing their loved one’s cremated ashes (cremains) inside a small niche within the columbarium. Larger garden-style columbariums are often placed within a cemetery or church cemetery, while a private family columbarium is smaller in size and offers more privacy.

Cremation Benches are a unique option for families looking to memorialize a cremated loved one with a monument. A bench style memorial houses the cremation urn, while allowing the family to have a peaceful place for visitation for years to come. Cremation benches can also be customized to honor the life and legacy of a loved one with engravings.

Tree Memorials are a simple and natural way to create a living monument in honor of a loved one. By placing a memorial marker or rock-style monument at the base of a tree, a family can create a meaningful monument on behalf of their loved one.

To explore all cremation memorial options, please call our local office to schedule a free design consultation.

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