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Private Mausoleums & Columbariums

Lowcountry Monuments offers a variety of private mausoleums and columbariums to families that are personally designed to meet each families individual preferences.

Private mausoleums and columbariums are for those who prefer entombment (above ground burial) to interment (ground burial) and vary in size, style and color. For example, they can be designed for an individual, a married couple or for a family of any size.

Traditionally, mausoleums are for crypts (crypts are used for caskets), and columbariums contain niches for urns (niches are used for cremated remains). All mausoleums and columbariums, regardless of size, can be customized to suit the wishes of each family.

These mausoleums and columbariums can be placed in a larger perpetual care cemetery, a church cemetery, a private cemetery, etc.

To begin designing a mausoleum or columbarium for your family, please call our local office to schedule a free design consultation.

843-871-2016 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm.

Private Mausoleum Crypts

Private Columbarium Niches


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